Time is Precious

ILM Gastown IMG_5007 A new sign now lights up the home of Industrial Light and Magic (Formerly Pixar) animation studios in Gastown. In clear white neon it announces day and night that “Time is Precious”. It stirs many thoughts and feelings for all that see it.

We all use time in various ways as it has become a keystone for clergy, authors, poets, philosophers as well as the rest of us. Ken Nordine did some word jazz about time. He’s an American voice-over artist from the “beat” generation. His deep voice was featured for many years in commercials and movie trailers. I always liked “what time is it” and “infinity o’clock”. Both are classics and still on YouTube.


The end of a year often asks us to consider how we used our time as the world slows down just a little for reflection and contemplation. I need more for both these days as I enter what many refer to as my last couple of chapters (ugh). This years headlines were about relationships, kids, retirement, birth and death, establishing our new company, working with the Pattison Broadcasting Group, CRTC applications & hearings, developing Roundhouse Radio, new beginnings, new friends, meeting my shadow and yes, more introspection. I could go on…

I was recently introduced to David Whyte who asks, “are you up to the conversation you are being invited to participate in”. This could be with your partner, family, friends, personal coach, career, community or where ever you are in life. For me, all of the above resonate more clearly than ever. Making sure that I am present and available so that none of the above “are just another thing to do” is my focus of how to best use my time.

I am grateful for the gift in the suggestion or loan of a book as it is usually a window for growth from a friend who see the things I miss. Dr. Anne Newlands loaned me one recently with a piece from R. D. Laing that I’m quite struck by:

The range of what we think and do
is limited by what we fail to notice.
And because we fail to notice
there is little we can do
to change
until we notice
how failing to notice
shapes our thoughts and deeds

When carefully considered, I missed some things this year because I failed to notice, hear and feel many of the conversations that I was invited to join. I have extended myself some grace for being mortal and will give my heart – to do better and be more present in the days and years ahead on this road to enlightenment with more humility and grace.

Our time together is precious.