mo·jo /ˈmōˌjō/ Noun 1.A magic charm, talisman, or spell. 2.Magic power.

medicine bagThis marks my 50th year in broadcasting where I began running for burgers and teletype copy while in high school. I have since occupied almost every chair in radio and television stations in two countries as well as a few at the Toronto Star Newspaper.

Funny, as I am still running, maybe not as quickly and looking forward to renewal and “reinvention”. While God only knows what that looks like, I do love media whether it’s on air, on line or on the street and particularly people like you that bring so much passion and intelligence to it. I remain committed to find a place that will allow me to continue contributing to its growth and making a difference in the communities we serve.

With this said, I will be leaving Bell Media at the end of this month.
I wanted to write a short note to thank everyone who has been instrumental in my career since leaving Pittsburgh and moving to Canada from Los Angeles in the late 60’s. Admittedly it’s a growing list!

I realized that as I moved from station to station over the years that each of you played an important part in my development and growth in an industry that I remain very passionate about. It has been and continues to be a great honour to learn from each of you and to share your lessons and mentoring with others.

I am off to Italy in a few weeks to attend my daughter’s wedding, maybe a little fly fishing and camping to contemplate life and “reinvention” – and then I’d like to publish my monograph, “Media & Not For Profit Organizations” , take a few guitar lessons and launch or the Hamilton Media (waiting for approvals) to help advance the good work of the not for profit community across the country. I know a little bit about fund raising, media and teamwork so if you know of any organizations looking for their “mojo” please send them my way.

I appreciate all the recent help from my friends in radio & television stations across the country with PFLAG Canada and the LGBTQ Community as well as the many other organizations that I have the privilege to work with.

All the best and my heartfelt thanks…