Run for the Cure!

Run for the Cure 2011, Kelowna BC

I had a call this morning from a good friend of the family (Darcy)who said that he had a dream that Shalon had come to visit him and that she asked him to check on me. It’s been the best part of the year since she died.

I have been quiet here as I wasn’t feeling terribly inspired, creative or wanting to share much. While I realize the need to feed our social media platforms it has been difficult to get past email and the occasional comment on fb.

There have been some moments of inspiration but they have been brief. For the most part I have been feeling very private and guarded.

My apologies as I suppose each of us deals with grief and loss differently as I have watched our family and close friends process their feelings and work through their loss. I have seen others thoughout the year deal with similar experiences. I think seeing all of these people with similar stories in the picture above getting ready to run, walk and ride have helped many of us get on with our journey.

Much has happened with various tributes, the sharing of photos and stories, a few memorials and much reflection and memories with an out pouring of love and many unselfish acts of kindness and generosity. It has been quite moving.

I spent a few days in Southport NC this week with my son and his family. Heath and Sarah have a beautiful 18 month old son (Oliver) and it was a real joy to be with them. My grandson’s laughter resonates throughout the house with the many pictures of his Aunt and Uncle looking on. I am sure Shalon is thrilled with how he is doing and the joy he brings to all of us.

I was able to ride Salon’s Sportster that she left in Southport this visit. My son has spent this many months rebuilding it and it has never looked or run so good. I could swear I heard Shalons laughter as I cracked the throttle over the causeway by Boiling Springs Lake where she enjoyed hanging out with her husband, brother, sister in law, nephew and all of their dogs.

October is the annual “Run for the Cure” sponsored by the BC Cancer Foundation. It’s a different run than the one in the US with the same name. The Rotten Grape, a local Kelowna bistro had a fund raiser in Shalons name following the run. Another example of good friends and our community coming together to help and do whatever they can for us and for cancer research. Many thanks to Rita, Julio and our friends at the RG for all that they do. The semi freddo was amazing!

For all of our friends everywhere – thank you for your love and support and for caring.

Let’s find a cure!