Welcome to 2011

I have always looked forward to the beginning of a New Year. It provides a time for reflection as well as a time of promise to embrace the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. A time to think about what we might do differently. A time to dream…

I was fortunate to be able to celebrate this big event in multiple time zones this year. This celebration around the world allowed me more time than normal to consider the highs and lows of the year and those things I might want to do differently. Apparently I had lots to consider.

It’s always easy to list the things that we did or didn’t do and make a promise to bring some of those items forward as part of our shopping list of new resolutions. It’s harder to “feel” the year in review and learn from it as we build a better future.

When I feel it, I learned lessons in love, gratitude and humility. Of dignity, compassion, honouring and forgiveness. Perhaps the most difficult lesson has been recognizing my own vulnerability. It’s taken the passing of a few New Years to truly appreciate that message.

l am upset that as a Dad, that I can’t fix everything and keep my kids completely safe. That there is still not a cure for cancer. That there is so much sadness and joy in this world is troubling as I would like to see more joy. I am full of gratitude and love with my eight month grandson Oliver, snotty nose and all and my extended family and friends who have rallied together in very difficult times.

In the New Year I promise to love more, to be more authentic and focus on those things that are really important. I promise to be more engaged and to give more. I really do hope to make a difference in as many things that I can. I promise to take more time to honour my partner and not let any more Sunday mornings or any day for that matter slip by without celebrating.

The lessons we learn along the way are all different. I suppose that’s why they are so special. I for one am grateful for everyone who took the time to help me to listen better and feel more. To all my teachers, young and old, thank you.

Please enjoy all the wonderful learning’s this new year brings. Don’t forget to be grateful for everything big and small as they all make up the mosaic of our lives…

All the best!