Media in the 21st Century

I can remember as a kid listening to distant radio stations under the pillows while my parents thought I was sleeping. I have always loved radio and these days, all media especially the magic that happens when science and emotion connect.

As this year’s co chair, I am pleased to invite you to the 64th annual British Columbia Association of Broadcasters (BCAB) conference. A lot of work has already gone into securing a great venue on Okanagan Lake at the Delta Grand Hotel, some very interesting keynote speakers have agreed to join us, as well as a range of presenters and upcoming Canadian musical talent.

This is a conference for everyone, professional and consumer alike as we are all producers as well as users of media and content. I hope you will follow our progress on FB and join us in Kelowna for the Spring Wine Festival and another “world class” media event.

Anthony Von Mandle of Mission Hill Estates Wines will kick off our conference and welcome delegates to the valley as John Parikhal, Valerie Geller, Mari Smith, Wayne Ens, Eric Samuels and many others share their views of media in the 21st century. Many of the Presidents of Canada’s largest media groups will hold their annual session as they speak to the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead and a media buyer’s panel is planned to help us understand how they feel about radio, television, online and print.

If our conference last year in Victoria was any indication of what to expect, this year’s will be bigger and better with more consultants and industry professionals from around the world sharing and learning how to better use social media platforms with traditional media and how to monetize them.

I hope you can join us…

“Welcome to the Jungle – Media in the 21st Century.