Thanks for dropping by: I wanted to create a space where I could keep some of those things that are important to me. There are some notes and scribbles as well as my thesis from SFU, podcasts from some of my on-air work, voice demo’s, podcast platforms, as well as sporadic curiosities. I hope you find something interesting in this collection of “stuff”.

A little about me: I am a broadcaster/podcaster, journalist, settler scholar and accidental activist. I have sat in many chairs at radio and television stations in Canada. I’ve also participated in the reinvention of one of Canada’s oldest newspaper groups, assisting in their transformation from the printing press to the digital age. I enjoyed a full career in media and then completed my master’s degree at Simon Fraser University in 2018. I am presently completing my third year with the Social Justice Institutes Ph.D. program at the University of British Columbia with sessional teaching at BCIT, City University Seattle (Vancouver campus), and UBC’s School of Sustainability.

My CV shows a late return to academia following five decades in media, raising a family, and a lifetime of community engagement. My academic and research interests have been shaped by the many historical events I have witnessed, including the Cold War in Turkey, the not-so-cold war in Viet Nam, FLQ protests, The Watts Riots, Climate Change, the Trans Canada Pipeline, Black Lives Matter, COVID 19 and Reconciliation. In addition, my career in media and work in the not-for-profit sector has influenced my interest in the relationship between media, art, and culture, and our interconnectedness with each other, our community, and the world we share.

My research interests explore the words we use and how people talk about climate change and its interconnectedness with settler colonialism, white supremacy, and other intersecting social justice issues. I’m interested in how people talk about climate change and its psychological, cultural, and political components in other areas of daily life. This work explores these intersections and how these conversational ecosystems influence our thinking and meaning-making. I argue that many of these issues sit on the same foundations and that there are tipping points in conversations that open up or shut down how we talk across difference, which include race, gender, culture, politics and climate. I want to find out if we can learn to speak to individuals and communities from different social, economic, religious, political or cultural backgrounds and fill structural holes where we can build trust and bridges of understanding.

I have five wonderful kids – Paisley, Heath, Shalon (RIP), Ally and Evan. I am passionate about learning, motorcycling, traveling, kayaking, helping Betty rebuild her little beach house on Bowen Island, and sharing David Whyte passages while awakening the Buddha within.