Radio in Prince Rupert

Coyote Mac Cloud intro to China Grove

The light house outside Prince Rupert

I can remember attending an Abrams/Burkhart radio conference years ago where some of the worlds best programmers, consultants and marketers attended along with a stellar cast of celebrities and speakers.

David Lee Roth opened the conference followed by Randy Michaels, now the CEO of US Based, Oak Hill Capital, who made a memorable start to his keynote speech walking up the ramp or the beginning of the Doobie Brothers, China Grove to hit the post (Vocals) as the band played on.

It was an electric moment as he amused himself and wowed the audience and admitted how much he enjoyed doing that when he was a Top 40 disc jockey. He also shared with us that the longer he was in this business the further he got away from the things that got him into it. I believe at the time he was CEO of Citdal or Clear Channel.

I suppose this is true as each of us masters various skills and experiences and move up the corporate ladder or to more senior positions and mastery in all the things we do. It seems like a life time ago I was editing demo tapes, picking songs for a new format or sitting on the air at all times of the day and night learning my craft.

I recently returned from north western British Columbia where we held annual planning meetings with this five station group and the launch of a new format and a new FM station in Prince Rupert. It was great to spend time with our team there, hang with the other “suits” on our road tour that had started their careers much like me as we reflected on the flight home how enjoyable our work is.

How fortunate that after 40 some odd years I still love what I do for a living and enjoy working with terrific colleagues across Canada. It’s good to know that radio is far from dead as our talented group reinvent what we do on air, on line and on the street every day.

Unfortunatley I never recorded Randy’s intro to the Doobie Brothers but I do have one from Coyote Mac Cloud (link above), a memorable and wildly entertaing Top 40 jock from Atlanta doing an another excellent intro to China Grove.