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Thanks for coming by. I originally wanted to create a place where I could share things that were important to me. This seemed like a good idea as I’m writing again and collecting things.The topics are diverse as well as sporadic and there are a few blogs and essays from school that have may have some potential someday. I enjoy collecting them and hope that you may pull something useful from a few random thoughts.

Under the category of too much information, I grew up in Pittsburgh in a dysfunctional republican family, served with the National Security Agency as a cryptologist and communications specialist. I studied Psychology and English Literature at the University of Texas, Communications and Journalism at the University of Southern California but never had time to finish and went back to school 40 years later to complete my MA at Simon Fraser University in Liberal Arts. And I’m anything but republican anymore.

I have always loved the magic that came out of that little box called radio and because of my passion, I have worked on and off the air in the US and Canada. I have programmed and managed broadcasting properties since 1969 and have worked with many amazing and talented people in Los Angeles, Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg, Vancouver and throughout British Columbia. Along the way, I spent seven years with The Toronto Star learning about newspapers, internet “start-ups” and developing The Stars local cable channel and television production facilities before returning to traditional broadcasting with Standard Radio, Astral and Bell Media.

I started the Hamilton Media Group a few years ago to work with Not For Profit organizations and NGO’s. We’ve worked with the PFLAG, The Canadian Red Cross, The Pattison Broadcast Group in Winnipeg and currently building Roundhouse Radio in Vancouver which went on air October 2015. It’s becoming a very special place on-air, online and on the street and different from anything I’ve ever done – a commercial radio station with a community focus.

I am active and on the street with many not for profits and in many boardrooms with Variety The Children’s Charity, PFLAG, The British Columbia Institute of Technology and the Deans Advisory Board at the University of British Columbia. I’ve recently become involved with Human Rights Watch and The Climate Reality Project.I am smitten by climate chage not because of the science but because of what it tells us about ourselves and you will find some of my on air and online work here.

My academic interests include communication, depth psychology, promoting environmental justice, peace building and ecological sustainability. I am actively interested in the relationship between media, art and culture and our interconnectedness with each other and the world we share.

I have six wonderful kids and their moms who have taught me to be a better father, friend and partner – Paisley, Heath, Shalon (RIP), Ally, Evan and Monique. I am passionate about learning, motorcycling, traveling, kayaking, and sharing David Whyte passages while awakening the Buddha within.