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Thanks for coming by my website.
I wanted to create a space where I could keep some of those things that are important to me. There are some essays and now a thesis from school, podcasts from some of my on-air work, as well as sporadic blog posts and curiosities. I hope you find something interesting in this collection of “stuff”. Please note that I am spending most of my time at theconversatiolab.ca and working on my PhD at UBC’s Social Justice Institute.

A little about me: I have always loved the magic that came out of that little box called radio and I have worked on and off the air in the US and Canada since I was in high school. I have sat in many chairs as well as programmed, and managed broadcasting properties since 1969. I’ve had the privilege of working with many amazing and talented people. I also spent some time with the LA Times and The Toronto Star learning about newspapers and internet “start-ups.”

I started the Hamilton Media Group a few years ago to work with media organizations, community groups and NGOs. This turned into a full time job building Roundhouse Radio in Vancouver. It became a very special place on-air, online and on the street. Different from anything I’ve ever done before – a commercial radio station with a community focus. With the sale of the station in 2018, I was focused on consulting, writing and teaching.

I volunteer with Variety The Children’s Charity, PFLAG, The British Columbia Institute of Technology and the Deans Advisory Board at the University of British Columbia. I’ve recently become involved with Human Rights Watch, The Climate Reality Project and more recently Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside Response Group to work through the many issues associated with COVID-19.

My academic interests include communication, depth psychology, promoting environmental/social justice, peace building and ecological sustainability. I am actively interested in the relationship between media, art and culture and our interconnectedness with each other and the world we share.

I have five wonderful kids – Paisley, Heath, Shalon (RIP), Ally and Evan. I am passionate about learning, motorcycling, travelling, kayaking, helping Betty rebuild her little beach house on Bowen Island, and sharing David Whyte passages while awakening the Buddha within.